Activity 1: Analysis of the situation in Bulgaria and Norway with respect to abuse in the name of honor (ANH)

In Bulgaria a study will be carried out of the currently available policies and legal acts by the project experts. The results will be complemented by a national representative survey that will include not only early and forced marriages, but also other abuses of the so-called. "Umbrella of honor." The survey will cover the phenomenon of Roma, Turkish, Bulgarian, Armenian and Jewish ethnic groups and immigrants with permanent residence status. t will also include in-depth interviews with ethnic experts, teachers, lawyers, social workers, police officers. The study will be conducted by a specialized agency, which will also produce a special guide for the interviews with immigrants in both countries. A study will be conducted in Norway on available policies and legal acts and interviews with immigrants. The research will reveal the extent and characteristics of the ANH and the existing legal and policy deficits in order to formulate first recommendations for intervention.

Activity 2: Sharing good practices through peer learning

Conducting a 2-day working meeting between the three partners and  representatives of the sociological agency in Sofia. There will be presented and discussed the results and the analyzes of the studies conducted in both countries; good practices will be discussed and two types of ex-ante Recommendations to public institutions in Bulgaria and Norway will be developed, respectively for political and legislative changes.

Activity 3: Development of training materials on the problem

Preparation of a Handbook for use by professionals, stakeholders - legislative institutions, local authorities, researchers, human rights bodies (police, lawyers, prosecutors), social workers, teachers, GPs, mediators, teachers.

Activity 4: Conducting an advocacy campaign a / Public consultation b / Round tables

The advocacy tools developed during Activity 2, namely the preliminary two Recommendations for Political and Legislative Change, will be discussed with a wide range of community groups before being sent to national and local public authorities in Bulgaria.