"Social and legal action to combat honor related abuse" (HRA Project) is financed by Active Citizens Fund ( Agreement No 12/30.09.2019.

Grant amount: EUR 145 518,74;
Duration: September 30, 2019 - February 28, 2021

Leading partner:  Center for Sustainable Communities Development (Bulgaria)


  • KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity – Norway
  • Асоциация за жените адвокати – България / Women Lawyers Association

According to the World Health Organization, more than 5,000 crimes of honor are committed worldwide each year.

The legislation in our country lacks a definition of abuse or violence in the name of honor and a data collection system.

The result is impunity for the perpetrators and inadequate protection of the victims. The forms of abuse are early / arranged / forced marriages, acid flooding, dowry killings, genital mutilation, etc. The problem is only partially recognized in some Roma communities, most notably the early marriages that lead to early pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, dropping out of
school and subsequent permanent marginalization. As immigrants enter the country, other forms are spread, but not recognized by professionally interested groups. These forms are much more severe because they are encouraged by the family and the community, and women are involved in the planning of violence. Legal and social practice for effective protection and targeted intervention is insufficient.

The initiative "Social and Legal Actions to Combat Honor Related Abuses" offers a nationally representative survey of the problem among different ethnic groups: Roma, Jews, Turks and Bulgarians, as well as among refugees in parallel with the situation and the good practices in Norway.

The project also includes an analysis of the knowledge and attitude of the Bulgarians to the problem, and then recommendations will be made for changes in the policies of the legislation, aiming to reach all public institutions in order to effectively prevent and resolve such cases.

There will also be an advocacy campaign involving 13 public consultations on the Recommendations with a minimum of 130 people in the country, profiled by ethnicity, profession and religious affiliation.

Within the initiative, 5 round tables will be organized in different regions of the country with at least 200 people. Meetings with the public are for the purpose of signing a Petition in support of the recommendations made. More training materials targeting different professionals will be developed. A 20-minute movie with real stories and an extensive communication campaign ending with a national conference also will be made. This will further contribute to putting pressure on public institutions and the goals of the project – to change the legislation when it comes to abuses in the name of honor, will be achieved!