The Women Lawyers Association is a non-profit association acting in public interest, incorporated on July 6th 2014.The association is also candidate for membership in the World Federation of Women with Legal Professions and has signed a cooperation protocol with the Women Lawyers Association of Milan. The Association maintains permanent contact with the Supreme Lawyers Council, the Bulgarian National Radio as well as with other media and organizations.

In order to achieve its stated purpose, in its short history the association has organized and held a number of conferences, seminars and other initiatives, among them:

  • Seminar „Women Leaders – Perspectives and Challenges”, facilitated by Dorian Baroni (U.S.A), Isabelle Pujol (Pluribus, France), Vesselina Blagoeva (Bulgaria), Maria Gancheva (Italy).
  • Seminar „The Bulgarian Bar Association in electronic medias“.
  •  Round table with Israel women – lawyers on the topic of violence against women.
  • International conference „The Institutions, Media and Society United in Combating  Violence Against Women“.
  • International conference “E-JUSTICE. Bulgaria - Opportunities and Challenges. Italy - realization and experience. Good European practices”.
  • A working meeting on the E-Justice, held in the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria with the Chairman of the Legal Commission and members of Parliament.
  • International Conference “ON FAITH‘S COMMAND AND CIVIL FREEDOMS DEMAND: The Role of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the saving of 50 000 Bulgarian Jews during the World War II. The Contribution of the Bulgarian Legal Profession to the Protection of the Supreme Value of Human Life of the Jews in Bulgaria“.
  • International Forum "Lawyers Against Violence".
  • Seminar for lawyers “Personal Realization and Professional Development”.


Representatives of the Women Lawyers Association actively participate in various projects with a focus on important topics for the legal profession, for the society, for the EU Law and other.