In April, Association Korektivi prepared an analytical report with the results of a survey conducted among experts through in-depth interviews.

The main questions that interested the researchers were what the experts meant by honour related abuses; what are the risk factors for the spread of honour related abuses, what is the assessment of experts on the level of spread of the phenomenon in the country, as well as to describe the socio-demographic profile of risk groups, to examine the opinion of experts on interaction, awareness and readiness to work on such cases and finally to summarize the recommendations received.

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Stories resembling a horror movie. This is how some cases of honor related crimes in Bulgaria sound. Inspector Desislava Viktorova from the National Police, the Crimes Against Personality department, tells us how the police is proceeding when it comes to such a sensitive type of abuse.

*This article reflects a personal opinion of the expert and the team of the project does not commit to it.

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This is the opinion of manager and founder of Centre Dinamika Association – Deana Dimova. She has a master's degree in psychology and a postgraduate qualification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Social Management. She has been working in the social field for over 15 years - psychodiagnosis, training, psychosocial support and counseling for victims of domestic and gender-based violence. Here's what she told us according to her personal practice in the anti-violence center which she leads.

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