A Training Manual for Muslim Communities and Ontario Service Providers

The Muslim Family Safety Project (MFSP) was launched in 2003 to address domestic violence within Muslim communities in London Ontario.

The project has made important strides in building relationships between the Muslim community and mainstream / Ontario service providers to better support families. As in other Canadian communities, women and children are most often the victims of domestic violence. Additional steps are needed to address the ongoing barrier of isolation that abused Muslim women face. Many women who experience violence in their homes are hesitant to access "mainstream"/Canadian resources for reasons that are shared across all cultures but also for reasons that are unique to the Muslim community. Domestic violence is a new and distinctly Canadian concept for many Muslim families. Muslim community leaders have started to publicly address the issue, however there is little capacity in the Muslim community to recognize warning signs of domestic violence or to provide victims or perpetrators with the culturally sensitive and appropriate support they need. This study provides us information what is the legal response and the islamic perspectives on domestic violence as well as what is honour related violence. The document also contains a set of good practices and successful discussions with working groups on the topic.

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