Specific behaviors, attitudes and actions that may constitute "dishonor" are broad and include:

- Reporting domestic violence.
- Smoking cigarettes or drug-taking.
- Making up or dressing inappropriately.
- Run away from home.
- Abuse, assault or sexual harassment.
- Maintaining a relationship or any kind of it which is not appropriate.
- Бременност преди или след сключването на брак.
- Pregnancy before or after the marriage.
- Establish relationships between people of different religions, classes or ethnicities.
- Refusing a forced or arranged marriage.
- Running away from home, the spouse and/or children.
- Apply for divorce.
- Requesting custody of children.
- Having girl/girls.
- Performing acts considered prohibited in public places: kissing, holding hands or other intimacies.
-Tener o manifestar comportamientos sexuales no aceptados. Having or expressing sexual behaviors not accepted.